Moulds Manufacturing and Moulding of Plastic Parts

For more than 50 years, GIBA STAMPI Srl has been offering its services to worldwide customers. We are a leading company in the mould manufacturing industry and one of the most important providers of injection moulding services for plastic materials.




Gas-assisted injection moulding

In 1994 we produced the first gas-assisted injection mould: a food trolley for the company...

Two-material two-colour injection

In 1995 we produced our first two-component injection moulds for cutlery and flatware for the...

Injection Compression Moulding and Microcellular Injection Moulding

Thanks to these technologies, mainly used in the automotive industry, we can obtain excellent...

Stak moulds

We specialise also in the production of high-productivity sandwich stack moulds for...

Feasibility study
and design

Our technical dept. takes great care of the design of the mold, designing long-life tools which satisfy customers’ requests and guarantee high quality products


Our workshop is equipped with technological machines. We have a great experience in different fields: automotive, household appliances, houseware, furniture.


Mould trials

We take great care of all steps of the project, including mold tests’, in order to guarantee the quality of the product.

Injection molding

We offer a complete service on behalf of third-party , including serial production on our Engel machines.

Storage and
after-sale service

Storage of prompt delivery products.

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